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About The Book Tree Bakery

Do you have a store front?

No. But look for me at the Broomfield Farmer's Market Summer 2019. I also have plans to participate in local festivals and events, including Taste It! and Broomfield Days. Please contact me if you think your event would benefit having me as a vendor.

So, you're baking out of your home and selling it? Is that legal?

Yes! Colorado has a Cottage Foods Act, which states that limited types of food products that are non-potentially hazardous (do not require refrigeration for safety) can be sold directly to consumers without licensing or inspection. This website provides more information.

So how do I get some of your delicious confections?

Aside from ready-made items at festivals, I can do orders. Orders must be placed with 48 hour advance notice. Pick-up is available, as is delivery. 

Do you have any food safety certification?

I have taken and passed a cottage foods safety training course through the CSU extension office. I have also worked for years in the food industry and I’m very familiar with keeping food preparation and packaging clean and sanitary. (I’m the one at potlucks who starts eyeing the food saying, “Is everyone done? Should we put that potato salad in the fridge?”)

How about training?

I’ve never attended culinary school or taken classes. With the exception of macarons. I did take a class to perfect those. Otherwise it’s just been lots of passion and practice.

What kinds of thing do you make?

My specialty is yeasted doughs and macarons. Cakes are fun and the options for flavors and decorations are endless, but sometimes I think the beauty of simple pastries is overlooked. Most things you buy at chain stores today don't do justice to the original.

Can I ask you to make something else?

Of course. I have products I make regularly, but I also love trying new things. As long as it falls under the umbrella of cottage food law (no cheesecakes, quiches, creampuffs and such.) I will generally do a test run or two before I will promise to deliver on an unfamiliar bakery item. And I will provide you with an estimated cost before giving it the green light. 

Can I find your items at local restaurants or coffee shops?

Unfortunately not. Items produced under cottage food law must be sold directly to the consumer, not through another business outlet.

Is this an official business?

Yes. I have filed with the state of Colorado as a limited liability company (LLC). I am licensed in Broomfield and the state of Colorado to collect sales tax.  

Can you mail your baked goods?

I am permitted to mail orders within the state of Colorado. If you live outside of Colorado, I might gift you something in the mail if I like you a whole lot. If I decide to scale up and can ship nationwide, I’ll let you know.

About Me

I bake. I have two littles. I clean just enough to keep the baking safe and the children cared for. I'd like to tell cashiers who ask, "Did you find everything you needed today?" that, "No. You don't sell naps." 

I sometimes knit. I adore books. And trees. I also have a husband I've loved since we were both 16.